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The witch brought me a WalledPC

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No more wasting time! There are lots of new projects in the pipeline for the series "I love Plexiglas" and I can not stay on this machine then fossilized wall.

With this maxim in mind and taking advantage of a day spent at home epiphany, I decided to rush to complete my WalledPc.

But let's go with order. We had to have pasted the media to raise the ultraviolet lamps and it remains to decide how to set them on the sheet of plexiglass.

I must say that the night has brought the council and the choice was much easier than expected. Blending a bolt in the center of the base of support and use it to fix the support plate.

Bolt cast in rising UV lamp for mounting

Here, finally, one of the two UV lamps placed in media supplemented

UV lamp mounted on the increases made

Note that nothing has been used to fix the lamp but through the realization to the millimeter, the lamp remains within the media automatically.

At this point remains to be distributed a bit 'all the pieces of the puzzle on the plate and identify the points where the holes for attachment to the various elements.

Just look at 'what to do in certain situations.

Look what we do to make a hole.

However, now the goal is near. Positioned elements and fixed points, drilling is now a breeze.

And finally, voila, big guns, the WalledPc on.

Fixed components. Waiting in the dark

At this point, chosen to place the wall where the "masterpiece", both Fisher and

The walledPC finally on the wall (wall)

the die is cast.

Actually there are still some things to do, like, write a fluorescent adjusted to those cables in order to make things a bit 'less chaotic. Fluorescent something else and make adjustments of this type. But are all things that can be done with the PC fixed on the wall.

Here's what the room, lit only by WalledPC

The room lit by walledPC (and ghost-D)

with an unusual presence ghost (made with an exposure of 15 seconds :-D ).

For anyone curious, at this point, you ask what this PC is important to add that this is not just an ornament but an important part of the "server farm" in my house. And 'in fact the PC data backup of the other PCs in my house which is mounted on a Linux Debian with activated software BackupPC.

And now off to great new achievements in plexiglass. I've said? "I love plexiglass :-D "

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