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Finally the media for UVA lamps are ready

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I finally found a moment to complete the construction of supports for the UVA lamps.

What was particularly stressful for both the realization
because of several factors were many and the same and also had a
thickness at the point of insertion of the lamp, very thin and
so it was easy to break a piece during production.

course, to add fuel to the fire, I was reminded of
do a soul to every song and put inside a piece of wire

The two pieces of the rise with the realized souls

and this, as you can imagine, has greatly complicated life. also do not know if, in the end, the piece will be sufficiently within the visible and illuminated by UV lamps to give some sort of effect cute. We'll see.

However, in the end, here is the process of bonding

Bonding upside UVA lamps

It still has to figure out how to fix these pieces on the main plate, but this is work for the next episode.

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