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Finally my home network has its own wardrobe

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It took years and years but I finally decided to buy, but also to assemble a wardrobe for my home network.

The fact is that the point arrives where my Internet connectivity is completely different from where I have the office and saw that the room that you get the connectivity is now the playroom for children, was a bit 'annoying to have a router, switches, UPS and all the cables in plain view.

And so I made the big jump. After purchasing the closet have passed quite a few 'days because I was not the first fisher suitable, then I did not want to make the holes and so on. But finally today I made it.

Here's the wardrobe that makes beautiful view of himself in a corner of the room


This is however below the detail of the current content of the cabinet


But obviously there's more. Certainly missing some little light colored to be put inside to "cheer up the environment" and I intend to disassemble switches and two pieces that form my network router and put them inside a plexiglass rack 1U to achieve.

A new craze in plexiglass in ambush :-D . I love plexiglass.

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