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I admit it. I removed all installations of on all my computers. But we want to do. Microsoft Office 2007 is too good.

But I still have some old documents in. Odt,. Ods, and so on that are documents saved in OpenDocument (ODF).

Today I had the need to open just one of these documents and, usually, to do this, do a lap really absurd :-D . I opened a virtual machine without a hard disk, a spear with a live distro of Linux, I opened the document with the OpenOffice in this distro and export the result. Doc.

Today I balked. Possible that there is a plugin for Microsoft Office to open ODF files?

First I found this news in which, over six months ago, talking about a plug-in for Office 2003 and stating that "so far only the latest version of Office was able to use the format."

Ah, but then my Microsoft Office 2007 already opens the ODF file and I do not I have never noticed. See you how good mother Microsoft.

I open the Office and try


ODF extension but no trace. No, I've been a good mother.

So I'm going to try and finally, on sourceforge, I find 's Open XML / ODF traslator Add-in for Microsoft Office
that in addition to support Office 2003 also supports Office 2007.

Now, this plugin is made by a number of partners including Microsoft, which turns out to be "Funding, Architectural & Technical Guidance and Project co-coordination", but like hell you have dreamed of adding support for ODF directly within the product. Do I have to look for and then to install it. I do not think something very beautiful.

But let's go ahead and try to install them. Plug-ins, separate for each product family's Office, Word (. Odt), Excel (. Ods) and Powerpoint (. ODP), are installed easily and seems to work well but there are some notes painful.

First, the first at once, I opened Microsoft Word, I went instinctively on "Open", I have looked over the list of extensions and support. Odt still no trace.

The plug-in not working? No. It's' only found on a menu item to the


Another sore point is that to the files. Odt,. Ods,. Odp is not associated with the program and also an attempt to drag the file directly on the program fails. The only way is to open the file menu ODF.

Actually not really. Here's what the situation.


Documents of type. Odt is associated with an icon of WordPad completely misleading! even if you open the document with the double click you get the desired result ie opening the document correctly in Microsoft Word.

Spreadsheets. Ods no associated icon and actually they are not associated with any type of program. Same thing for the presentation format. Odp.

So while the documents. Odt the double click working, spreadsheets and presentations, the only way to open the file using the menu item ODF in its program.

Last sore point: however you can not save files directly, only in the ODF format but always need to save the document format in their Office and you can then save it in ODF format.


What about ... a step forward, but you could certainly do better.

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6 Responses to "Open file OpenDocument (ODF) with Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007"

  • Scarpa Sciolta writes:

    Who is crying because of his evil self ...
    In practice you made me who, after enormous sacrifices to get out of the addiction begins to smoke the first joint ...
    That is: if you use Microsoft Office you will always have problems with incompatible formats and you have mountains or spend money unnecessarily or (what is much more likely) break the law unnecessarily altrettando using pirated software.
    I can only make you my warmest congratulations and best wishes.


  • Yemma writes

    "Usually, to do this, do a lap really absurd :-D . I opened a virtual machine without a hard disk, a spear with a live distro of Linux, I opened the document with the OpenOffice in this distro and export the result. Doc. "
    not for what but there is also OpenOffice on Windows mica wax need to use VMware, you just have OpenOffice installed on windows to open documents and export them to another format, even if the. odt (and OpenDocument other formats) is the ISO standard for office
    PS I suggest you also take a look at this other program office of IBM (Lotus Symphony), which by default works with the OpenDocument format (. odt,. .. ods etc) but also works with Lotus and Microsoft proprietary formats http : / / / software / lotus / symphony / home.jsp
    ps is still in beta2, but the final version should come out before long (it's free)
    hello ;)


  • Orlando writes

    Have you bought or did you pirated? :)
    If you regularly buy the license you are sure that you can install books on all your computers? :)
    Sacondo me as value for money is better ... that's why mom openoffice microsoft so much afraid of the OpenDocument (ODF), and deliberately creates all these problems with plugins ...


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    Sorry, but you think I do a post with the pirated software? It 'obvious that the software has been regularly bought also because, being a freelancer, are subject to control by finance so it's best not to risk it.
    Shoe dissolved. I know, but unfortunately Microsoft Office is far better than a thousand times more functional than OpenOffice, and I'll say one who has used M $ Office 1995, which since 2003 has used OpenOffice and in 2006 he returned to M $ Office. One reason there will be ', and not because they are sadistic.
    For Yemma. I know that there is OpenOffice for Windows. In fact I used it for three years and that is why even now I need it every now and then, just to convert my old documents.
    To respond in Orlando, yes, I can install on all my computers because I have a license Microsoft Action Pack


  • George writes:

    But why pay and contribute to companies that do not want to meet the standards already official? who want to impose their dominance by exploiting the market? and continue to give our money to companies not ITALIAN?


  • Luke writes:

    There are Italian companies that make software like Office or OpenOffice, then those who are still earns does not speak Italian.
    However now there is a plugin SUN


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