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WalledPC, another buries staff

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And 'now that the world knows it. For the series "I love plexiglass, buries another for dr. Emiliano Bruni. And 'in fact about a month or so that I threw in the realization of what I call the "WalledPC.
The basic idea is to take the PC that I use as a backup, remove it from the original homes, place on a sheet of plexiglass, make it a little 'more lively with fluorescent lights and pieces and hang on the wall.
For now I managed to make a plexiglass plate

Plexiglass Picture for PC hangs on a wall
moddare to some 'components

Modding in action
Detail of the edge fluorescent

and now I'm delight to build supports for ultraviolet lamps.

Construction of the rise for UV lamps

I will keep you updated on new info, but for now, beccatevi all the photos of the project on flick r

www. flick r. com

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