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07 upload videos? Eye files with long names

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bug.jpg Anyone following the last posts of this blog will have noticed that I started using a video-sharing platform that seems quite useful and interesting, .
Well yesterday I stumbled in the first "bug" of this website that made me smadonnare far.
The thing that made me crazy for two days is that I could not post videos. Viddler has two ways to upload videos, a flash interface and a traditional web forms.
Well, two days from the flash interface I downloaded the whole movie and then 100% upload them remained crashed, the classic web interface I replied immediately with a melancholy "Sorry, But There Has Been an error uploading your movie."

viddler_bug_con_filename_lunghi.png In two days I tried to upload a bunch of videos and some smaller, seems to work and others do not.
Discouraged tonight I also tried to make an account on another video-sharing portal, but I've found another sinking because they do not accept upload files. Flv.
Tired and resigned at the end I even tried to post the problem on the forum but without, now, to no avail.
I found a post from a guy who had a similar problem but was resolved by updating the flash player. I tried to do that too but nothing, also because the error by me even the classic web form.
I finally found this forum where a guy says, "I Believe That You Asked try again to upload using a file name Shorter." Use a file name "short"? Well, actually most of the files that I try to send their full name and title of the Rapporteur of the talk and are longish. Let's rename and booom work.
But god bono, you can write something like (xxx max chars in filename) instead of making a poor crazy two days.
So, if you use, remember, do not upload files with names too long, how long, they know only those of Viddler.

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