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When the eye wants its part

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Some weeks ago I arrived home the catalog of a supplier of hardware in Bologna. But until today I had not yet gone to see their site.
Many beautiful and attractive prices prodottini. Well seems like a nice place where to buy, for example, put the wardrobe rack in my office to protect from barbarism at last my dear sons, the network equipment at home.
In parentheses, I was particularly intrigued by a rack really small ad-hoc designed for offices where space is important to preserve. Except that the photo of the catalog it was not clear how it was done.
Also, intrigued by the phrase of the catalog "video presentation of the product on our website," today I decided to visit the link suggested.
And I found fnalmente a hardware vendor who understood that the eye wants its part :-D
If you want to get an idea of the product they are interested and why the phrase "also the eye wants its part", you can download the video of the product.
For those who can not wait, here's a snapshot of the video

armadio_slim_snapshot_video_presentazione.jpg Note the careful choice of the lady's dress. If we want to look to other leaders of his wardrobe other products offered for sale by the company, you can watch the movie of the microscope USB and IP cameras.
But the suit product that I believe takes 10 +, and could not be otherwise, and the video presentation of the company of which you can see below a snapshot.

web_marketing_snapshot.jpg Since popo 'products? However, apart from the jokes, a company that has figured out how to attract attention and so many prodottini friendly and good value for money.

I've already made the request to be accredited as a customer, if you have a VAT number, do us a little thought.
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