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The pleximousepad v. 2.1 is almost finished

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First I want to thank the friends of LIGA for the great suggestions.
In the end, one that maximizes the speed of implementation with the quality of the finished product was the version with the transparent rubber but with a final flash of genius. I decided to attack one side so as to leave the other three are free and allow to come between the plexi and the rubber sheet of paper, photos or anything else to customize each time in different ways according to the tastes of the pad owner

pleximousepad_v2.1_gomma_alzabile.JPG I, as you can see even put small rubber pads noise and I set fire to the powder.
Below you can see, for comparison, the next version 2.1, right, the "old" 2.0

pleximousepad_v2.1_vs_v2.0.JPG Compared to 2.0 has some advantages such as the USB cable that is fixed in 2.0 while the 2.1 is removable so that if one does not want the food and use the USB hub, you can also take away and not have the cable on the table.
The only thing that I like more than the 2.0 is the contrast between the blue and red LED while that between the blue and green LEDs in 2.1 is much less visible and aesthetically nice.
Only two regrets. First, they tried as a first approach to fix the side of the rubber on the upper side, an acrylic adhesive that has not quite taken hold on the rubber and then left them alone a while rubber and plexi are fully bonded with double sided tape transparent. Second, a small strip dull (although barely visible) on the upper left corner of plexiglass upward due to a smudge of glue.
For those interested, a short version 2.0 will be on sale on eBay. For the 2.1 you have to wait for release 2.2 :-D
All other photos on

www. flick r. com

Emiliano Bruni's PlexiMousePad 2.1 photoset Emiliano Bruni's PlexiMousePad 2.1 photoset

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