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Ancestor worship

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I have to thank that allowed me to discover a really fantastic site:, a site dedicated to the creation of family trees.
Anyone can, with simple click directly from your browser, reconstruct their family tree.
So far nothing strange, there are many software, even freeware that let you do this directly on your computer. The fact is that, at least personally frustrating, very frustrating having to type all the names of relatives, their birth dates, places, dates of death and so on and also, most importantly, at least for myself, the very little ignorance about my ancestors.
Why then am I talking about this site? Because the great thing it does is look in other family trees or other documents relating to names, places and dates of birth entered and, where appropriate, suggest connections already present.
I, for example, I struggle to remember the dates of birth and death of my grandparents yet, virtually automatically, rebuilt my entire maternal ancestry of the branch until 1775 !!!!!
Maybe I was lucky, for instance, for the paternal and / or the parents of my wife has found nothing but the gathering of correct references up to 1775 was an amazing thing.
Even at one point had indicated to one of my great-great grandfather's two wives. I then deleted one of the wives think of a mistake or a homonymy and rather then asking some of my relatives I found that actually had a great-great first wife died and was then married to my great-great grandmother.
In short, do not know how he did it and that documents have in your database, but I was really impressed that they managed, automatically, to trace a branch of my family tree up to 7 lineages ago.
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2 Responses to "The cult of the ancestors"

  • antonella says:

    Hello Emilian
    sorry, but you do once the tu ...
    I, like you, I want to get to know some of my ancestors, more or less remote, but .. I is not understand how you use the site ... you can give me delucudazioni? thanks!


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    Certain. So, I started creating a family tree and putting my parents and my grandparents. After a while 'some names appeared on a green leaf that indicates that the site has found a possible reference of the name I entered and this one in its database. And indeed, a little 'heart and a little' asking it to my relatives, c'ha guessed at least on the family line of his maternal grandmother. For the paternal side but I got no information.
    I must say that perhaps I was lucky because then I did repeat it a couple of colleagues who were not as lucky as me, but trying does not hurt,-D


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