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Just behind the tree

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Today day of preparations to bring WADSL in Cappelle sul Tavo and, in particular, to Fabio.
In particular, the cronoscaletta MICS, foresaw the installation of the antenna and the radio on our side on the roof of our building. The thing seemed quite trivial since the poles and wires already there and that the other point to be reached is virtually on sight.
But, as always, in the electromagnetic field, one must take into account two important laws:

  1. Law of Dr.Norm: Things, on the roofs, are never as they appear on land
  2. Murphy's Law: If something can go wrong, will.

And here is where it is the other point to be connected:

esattamente_dietro_l_albero.jpg EXACTLY BEHIND THE TREE!!
And if it does not seem tragic now seen that among those bare branches a bit 'of Fresnel will go well, I dread to think what would happen in this position with the advent of spring.
So the first part of the "Bring WADSL in Cappelle sul Tavo" has been transformed from "mount the antenna on the pole and then cazzeggio for the rest of the day" to "add a new post at another point that is so then time to go home. "
That's why every time someone asks me what time want to do something, always multiply the initial idea for a factor of 10.

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