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Welcome back in Italy

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This morning our super web designer (see example) has returned from a long vacation from Sweden.
As is obvious, therefore, our morning was occupied in listening to his adventures in Sweden that, contrary to how you might think, were not focused on erotic stories, but, in particular, in praise of the precision and sense of citizenship that pervades Swedish society.
But obviously, as after a long dive underwater, even in this case, you need to do to our character a period of decompression.
We therefore thank the body of the municipal police of Pescara, this morning, has allowed us to remind our web designer that this is not Sweden.
In fact you could not ask for better relief than to witness the pure, crystalline spiritedness of us Italians and, in particular, of our forces.
The key moment was then immortalized by that wicked instrument that is the camera of a mobile phone.

polizia_municipale_di_pescara_in_sosta_handicappati.jpg Welcome back in Italy!!

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