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More often than many of us spend entire nights in cazzeggiando around the web.
Sailors, the player, who works, who trolleggia, who chat and who is also serious things like watch the latest porn downloaded from emule.
And it is all these people, but not limited to, that I turn to send out a strong message, a story that runs like a jerk the entire virtual world of the web: a non-stop 24 hours of satire, music, news, information organized by those two little people who bear the name of Mauro Fratini and Filippo Giardina who are the mind, body and soul of "No Press", a satirical program on the web.

nrs.jpg The purpose of this post is twofold:
Step 1. Promote and disseminate the news of the event verb urbi et orbi (all over blogs) as a pair of the comet heralded the coming of Christ
Step 2. Stand in first person as the last bastion of knowledge for all participants of this virtual Woodstock, sacrificing himself to the altar of information unfiltered by the media and resisting for 24 hours at each stimulus physical, spiritual, sexual, and transsexual.

A superhuman effort but we all have a moral obligation to address, in order to discover how they are going to resist Philip Mauro and 24 hours in a row in front of a camera which I hope will follow them during their physical stimuli and especially to capture, in a screenshot that will go down in history, the face of the duo at the end of the event, with 22 of 14 December 2007.

A date for everyone so every day on to follow step by step how to evolve the organization of the event and then being found all prepared for the birth of 13 December 2007 at 22.00.

And as a great poet once said: "Good night and good luck."

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