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But my neighbor pay anything?

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Continue the review of requests for support more absurd. To understand the following request requires a short introduction.
There is the possibility to activate ADSL even if you have an active phone line. It's called naked DSL, or in the jargon of mics, no-ADSL phone.
Basically, once you have made the verification of coverage, it takes aa house wire on which a customer is activated single ADSL without a phone contract.
Given that the verification of coverage is done by entering a phone number, normally you should put the phone number of a neighbor to see if your telephone exchange is covered.
Someone, apparently, this thing is risky

Subject: Question?
Hello Hello I like to activate ADSL 2MEGA nophone I checked the line with the n.telefonico of my neighbor and the coverage is ok. but my question is: my neighbor because I support his line must pay or sign anything?
You got it!! Addition, compliementi for the use of punctuation!
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