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But there just need a new blog?

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fasttime.jpg Unfortunately (for you) I believe so.
Who recently passed on my site you will surely be noticed that lately has left them to do new things without the cobwebs were posted.
The reason is certainly due to the fact that I have more to say either that these "n" months I crumbs, hanging out on the right and left.
The reason is that lately the time is always shorter and post content on my site takes time.
It 'true, that site I did it all by myself and then I stay attached and will certainly continue to post them articles and documents of a certain thickness.
But all the stuff I want to say is that I can say in 10 minutes, I'll put in my new journal that I hope to update regularly with a frequency higher than my main site.
To you, my reader, I hope that these pills of wisdom not to get too on the bale, and if they find a benefit from something on this site, well then it will have had reason to be.
A technical note on the CMS used for this blog. I used Movable Type, and the choice was almost forced by the fact that it is practically the sole operator of blog "adequate" written in Perl. We perlisti know codare by God but graphics do not understand nearly nothing.

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