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My health in the hands of Windows? No thanks!

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ecg.png This morning I went to do a test called "ergonomic electrocardiogram. Is essentially an exercise bike connected and monitored by a computer on which they are attached electrodes for the measurement of various cardiac parameters, ECG, pressure, the pulsations. Not the exercise bike course, but myself.
Not to worry, just a routine check. But I am this morning I started to worry when the nurse on duty turned on the computer for the exam.

ecg_sotto_sforzo.jpg The wait is hectic start ... what now? Something embedded? Mac Windows 2000? Windows XP? Windows Vista?
Or maybe .... Oh God, I can not believe it. Maybe leave the good old penguin.
But no! Here's to you, in all its splendor Microsoft Windows NT 3.51.

winnt351.png Should I start worrying about the flawed exam?
Also have taken full name, date of birth and have them saved in a program that runs under COTAL operating system. But, as sensitive data are safe in that place there?
Oh well, always take everything in his stride and we think that in every situation there is worse. It could happen to Windows 95, 98 or even Windows Millennium.

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