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I am one of Ruzzo Reti Network? But you tell me?

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But you tell me? But you tell me? ... But you tell me? Hey Who are you talking about? Say to me? Eh, No me here. Of ', but with whom do you speak it?

This monologue by Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver in front of a mirror with a gun was the first thing that came to mind this morning in front of the town of Tortoreto.

I was there for over an hour to walk back and forth, like a terrorist in front of the town and at some point I started to mount a wireless antenna to test the feasibility of a regional project that I'm treating.

And all this right next to the entrance of the town. I say, will be expenditure and income for at least 50 people during this time including a couple of traffic cops and no one has bothered to ask me something like: "Excuse me but what are you doing here?".


The only two "subjects" who, moved to curiosity, you have deigned to ask me something, they would have done better to keep quiet.

The first says: "What? a unit? ".

But you think that a unit here?

Anyway, as announced, the worst was yet to come. After a while 'is approached another guy asked me point blank: "Hello, six Ruzzo Reti Network?".

And 'better that I go away, go.

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3 Responses to "I am one of Ruzzo Reti Network? But you tell me? "

  • Ominooooo writes:

    Excellent idea!
    You would have a space for me?


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    Sure little man. If you're lucky, like address where xxxxxx you choose it.


  • MS writes:

    [Edited by Emiliano].
    I was in doubt whether to leave this comment because the company could appear addressed the subject of the post. I leave just because I think it is instead referred to the undersigned and far be it from me to censor any comments, positive or negative so I believe. If the poster believes that I have not played well his will, let me know.
    This comment contained a flash object with a YouTube link that showed Alberto Sordi in (I think) the Marchese del Grillo, which turns climbing onto a carriage, and turning some people say, 'I'm sorry but I know' you and I are not a ca ** o ".
    I took the liberty of removing the flash and leave intact, I hope, the content of the comment


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