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Indecision on my mat Plexiglass

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Are now in the pipeline for the release of version 2.1 of my pad in plexiglass.
I miss only one more thing: to decide how it should be done at the top.
For now I have three options:
1) Rubber transparent.

pleximousepad ver2.1 Rubber trasparente.JPG 2) Reflective.

pleximousepad ver2.1 material riflettente.JPG 3) Black metal.

pleximousepad ver2.1 in nero.JPG Postatemi in the comments what you think is the most eye-catching cover.
Below are more photos see the completion of PlexiMousepad 2.1 Presentation on flickr.

www. flick r. com

Emiliano Bruni's PlexiMousePad 2.1 photoset Emiliano Bruni's PlexiMousePad 2.1 photoset

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2 Responses to "Indecision on my mat plexiglass"

  • gravy writes

    / me votes: transparent rubber


  • Frank writes

    I love this material prejudice .. always .. shame that we are not in the same town .. I have so many ideas but do not know where let me make, wrap everything in plexiglass. ... Are you the sincere congratulations of Benvenuto Cellini perpex ... I'm perfecting a chaser .. robot with web cam and I'd like to model the entire body in these transparencies .. but ...


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