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A couple of weeks ago I was on the roof of the town of Teramo to place a public hotspot at Martyrs Square when I was in front with an image that in its brutality made me immediately think of the meaning of life.
As in a Gothic framework by strong colors, I was immediately set with the camera raw emotion and macabre a pigeon stuck in the tubes of air conditioning and died of starvation and then fleshless by the passage of time.
Do not know about you, but when I see this picture I think of how futile life is, how can you kick the bucket for a trifle, and as fate often is sometimes mocking and save us from situations that seem no way out and then sends the "old bastard" when we least expect.
The image below is my current desktop background so that every morning, to review, I'm happy to still be among you to break the p ****.


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