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Fabio tries broadband, Micso answered.

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Being digital-split is a problem but as the Internet is the only contact with the outside, then broadband is no longer an asset but a silly law.
A couple of weeks ago, on the mailing list for Olografix, had reached a mail by Fabio P., one of our members Cappelle sul Tavo (PE), boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, encased in his own home, tracheotomy and connected to an apparatus for breathing.
Only contact with the outside world, the Internet and your computer controlled by Fabio through a particular mouse breath.

integramouse.jpg A complaint alleging that Fabio was in addition to all his health problems, he is a digital-divided and then for him than for others, this situation is causing serious trouble for him because the Internet is a possibility contact with the outside world that nature has denied.
This business you have dealt various newspapers including Computer Point.
I, for my part, just read the email Fabio, I immediately turn the same to my company, as the municipality of residence of Fabio there is very close but not yet covered by us.
Before activating any initiative, we moved to understand how to bring our Fabio WADSL and finally, this morning, our engineers were able to carry out an inspection on Tavo Cappelle on which it was successful.
I then contacted Fabio, sending mail follows:

Dear Fabio
we at Micso Ltd followed with great interest your personal story ( that touches us closely also given the geographical proximity that binds us.

As you may know MICS and a Wireless Internet Service Provider that already has covered different parts of the area afflicted by the Italian digital divide through a project called WADSL ( which plans to bring home digital user-divided, broadband via the access-point on the territory in technology HiperLAN.

We were not given immediately after your first request because we wanted to be sure she could bring a satisfactory service.
Just this morning, our engineers are working out an inspection at a facility near your town and have verified the technical feasibility on the insurance WADSL in your community and your home.

I am therefore here to tell you that by December 2007 will be covered by your common Micso WADSL service that provides a service for access to broadband internet connection, unlimited traffic, with bandwidth 1280 kbps download and upload bandwidth with cuts of 256 or 1280 kbps, with a static public IP and reverse DNS resolution. More information about the product and service costs and the necessary radio equipment to use the same is available at

It goes without saying that, given your particular condition and affinity that binds us personally, making both the same association, we are honored to provide the service connectivity to the Internet with radio band Symmetric 1280/1280kbps el'apparato necessary to receive signal WADSL described above is completely free of charge.

It will therefore do our utmost to contact you shortly, when activating the service on your policy, to provide the equipment and data access.

In the meantime, sending you our warmest greetings.

We hope to allow Fabio to live a "decent" digital life in the shortest time possible.

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3 Responses to "Fabio tries broadband, Micso responding."

  • Nicholas writes

    Emi Great, great mics, you are "missing link" and the digital-divide is defeated


  • Gil writes:

    Congratulations on your initiative, well! Aid that will change 'the life of a person less fortunate than others.


  • When someone thinks that companies Campino air ...

    Unfortunately (and I say very often!) There are people around who think that businesses airfield.
    The case in question is the lack of coverage dall'ADSL in a place where one lives of many (unfortunately) with disabilities in Italy: some of the Fabio Cappelle Sul Tavo ...


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