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Petition for Avatar in IMAX in Riccione

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Until now I thought that 3D was the one that served to us in the various cinema around Italy.

But no. Could be better, is called IMAX, and in Italy there is a room equipped with this technology inside the theme park in Riccione Oltremare.

To give you an accounting for how it should be the impression of watching a movie in IMAX just giving you some data.

The screen is as tall as a 7-storey building and long enough to contain a small whale, about 18 meters high by 26 long

Imagine how exciting it must be. The projector, weighing 600 pounds, has a Xeon lamp to 15,000 watts and the audio system consists of 44 speakers for a power of 12,000 watts.

The angle of this screen is approximately 170 °, this means that looking at the center this gives the appearance of being projected into the event as the whole view will be filled by the image projected areas without "external" .

Now, you know that there is a transposition in the IMAX format colossal Oscar winner James Cameron and then we might see in Italy, this stunning film in this amazing format?

But what to pass in the hall IMAX Italian? Documentaries on dinosaurs and on the seabed. Definitely beautiful and fascinating but I wonder: "why, since the availability of this technology in Italy do not use it to project a masterpiece of film history"?

To this end we created a petition, which I invite all to sign, to bring IMAX to Avatar in Riccione. Do not know about you but I, for this kind of experience, a trip to Riccione me I would own.

The dog of "Stories from the engine room"

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David White is famous on the Internet for its "Stories from the engine room," a diary every week more or less where David, who works as a SysAdmin, recounts his misadventures with the users of its network and its customers.

The stories are quite amusing, especially for those in the sector so that, either by the way David tells the stories, or for the way we approach the misadventures of its users, has reached, as I said, well known on the web.

Famous are his utterances against Clueless Luser which reserves phrases like "as part of .... not clear "or" You want WHAT? ... What for?? "

And just as famous as one of his few photos on the web that shows precisely the typical expression of the moment when some users go to ask for something ridiculous.


I find it a great expression and I often find myself in front of a mirror groped to emulate it. Well, today I found on the tumblr group 9GAG this photo

Cane con espressione alla Davide Bianchi

I do not say it is not 'the dog of David why do not you believe it!!

Hello David and thanks for your stories that make us lighter than the beginning of each work week.

A search on Google, 50 years ago

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Has anyone tried to imagine what would have been a Google search if the big G had been born 50 years ago. Here's what it came out.


A postcard to be filled and delivered to Google. The search result is guaranteed within 30 days of receipt of the postcard.

Simply fantastic and very vintage.

A helicopter monitored the iPhone

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It promises a very interesting 2010 for someone like me, is fond of remote controlled helicopters.

Fact we are facing a radical change. Forget the helicopters difficult to control and smashed to the ground continually. E 'in arrivo AR.Drone, a fantastic product of a French producer who promises amazing things.

An example? Thanks to a series of sensors, AR.Drone automatically maintains a fixed position during flight without requiring continuous aaggiustamenti this thanks to the impressive presence of sensors. The AR. Drone has, inside, two ultrasonic sensors to control the vertical stability, a accelleromento three-axis gyroscope with two axes for horizontal stability.

AR.Drone remembers the point from which it is party and has an automatic feature of returning to base that without going crazy, you can tell him to land automatically from the point where it took off.

Not enough? Here then two bombs. First. AR.Drone has two webcams with 60, say sixty frames per second. I will say, and where I see the movies of the two webcams? Ok, second bomb. The AR. Drone can be controlled using the iPhone. Yes, using the accelerometer of the iPhone seems to be trivial drive the AR. Drone. As for the webcams, movies are shot in live streaming on the iPhone so it becomes theoretically possible to drive the Drone without seeing it physically using only the information sent by the cameras.

But there's more. The AR. Drone also has modes of play single player and multiplayer using augmented reality.

Single player is, on images transmitted on the iPhone, included additional elements such as robots and other enemies to destroy drones with weapons, of course, virtual. If, on the playing field, there are other AR.Drone friends then the battle becomes real live and you can fight against other helicopters.

The helicopter is connected to the iPhone via WiFi network and then be controlled up to 50 meters. And if the helicopter comes out of WiFi coverage? Well, so far, with the products currently on the market, if a helicopter comes out of the coverage area of its controller, it crashes to the ground. But aviluppatore of AR.Drone seem to have thought of everything. In the case of RA. Drone, this remains suspended in the air for a minute waiting for the iPhone returns to reconnect with the helicopter and if it does not, start a soft landing procedure. Very clever these French.

You are eaten by curiosity, do you? Then started watching this video presentation of the product at CES 2010

to watch also the video presentation of the product

and this, which shows his ability to augmented reality in the identification of enemy drones

The product will also have an SDK for developing their own applications that appears, on paper well done. The AR. Drone is controlled through commands AT like a modem, and from this extract of code seems that things are relatively simple, at least for us professionals

 <stdio.h> stdlib.h # include # include # include # include # include <string.h> <unistd.h> <errno.h> <sys/types.h> # include # include <sys / socket . h> # include <netinet/in.h> <netdb.h> # include # include # include <sys/ioctl.h> <fcntl.h> <net/if.h> # include # include <arpa / inet . h> # define AT_PORT 5556 # define WIFI_MYKONOS_IP "" struct sockaddr_in to; int32_t flags; if (at_udp_socket <0) (/ / / Open UDP socket to broadcast commands to at Ardron struct sockaddr_in at_udp_addr; memset (( char *) & at_udp_addr, 0, sizeof (at_udp_addr)); at_udp_addr.sin_family = AF_INET; at_udp_addr.sin_addr.s_addr = INADDR_ANY; at_udp_addr.sin_port = htons (AT_PORT +100); at_udp_socket = socket (AF_INET, SOCK_DGRAM, 0); int one = 1 if (at_udp_socket> 0) (flags = fcntl (at_udp_socket, F_GETFL, 0) if (flags> = 0) (flags | = O_NONBLOCK; flags = fcntl (at_udp_socket, F_SETFL, flags);) else (printf ( "Get socket options failed \ n");) bind (at_udp_socket, (struct sockaddr *) & at_udp_addr, sizeof (struct sockaddr));)) if (at_udp_socket> 0) (int res; memset ((char *) & to, 0, sizeof (to)); to.sin_family = AF_INET; to.sin_addr.s_addr = inet_addr (WIFI_MYKONOS_IP), / / broadcast address for subnet to.sin_port = htons (AT_PORT) # ifdef DEBUG printf ( "broadcasting on port% d bytes% d [% s] \ n", * len, at_udp_socket, buffer); # endif res = sendto (at_udp_socket, (char *) buffer, * len, 0, (struct sockaddr *) & to , sizeof (to)) if (res <0) (printf ( "Error sendto% s \ n", strerror (errno));) else (# ifdef DEBUG printf ( "[CLIENT]: Send car% d \ n ", res);)) # endif 

Yes, I know, seems to Arabic, but I assure you, for us professionals is a way to plan very clear and clean. We are all, and I think at this point, you too, new developments.

For all other information please refer to the main site of the product.

Better late than never. A mail after more than two years

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Okay that I used to write stupid things but this return receipt to my mail is almost a record


A: <>
Posted: 08/12/2007 23:37

was read on 08/01/2010 9.30

I can not even console ourselves that at least has been accessed

Who preaches well then ill scratch

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This time I just wanted to be. Gnawed by envy for this photo on facebook

Ultima checklist anno 2009

I have tried to assert my right about the fact that so much emphasis was given to the author last checklist of 2009 with so much tissue had to outfit and no one but myself immortalized in the first checklist of 2010.

Commenti su ultima checklist anno 2009

Oh, I was convinced he had actually made the first checklist of 2010, but today I was proven wrong publicly. The first checklist of 2010 saw me have dreamed that I joined to 15:00 New Year's Eve 2010. As a consolation prize I deserved a commemorative photo with a single tissue and, instead of the other, a bodyguard of exception.

Round Thursday afternoon

Ok, this is better than nothing :P

Greetings fellow shift yesterday, although he has not hit a nail.

The future of cinema. Universal MP3 to download online.

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For the Italian journalist this is the future. Let us better understand his thinking.

La rivincita del cinema e gli MP3

First of all fine with the article by the news that the film, ie those places where we go, we sit on a chair and watch a movie together with others, is not dead but in fact, after seven years, has overtaken its arch - rival, namely the DVD movie watching in the comfortable living room of home.

Fine, but then as the article continues? The fact that the future (the film?) Is something to download online. Future holds? It seems to me the death of cinema, but this gloss because it is not what I wanted to talk as much as that for the author, the future of cinema / film are "MP3" universal.

Yes, you read right. The future of film lies in the MP3, ie in an audio format, and is also universal. Now someone needs to explain

  1. will they put a film in a container only audio, perhaps, that the writer promises a future where we all blind?
  2. where to check out the adjective "universal", unless the article did not hold out a future monopoly on Universal

Sorry, I confused ideas but in the meantime, what do I do? I've decided. Sell my reader Blu Ray to buy an MP3 ignoramus despite the clerk Mediaworld obstinately maintain that with the MP3 player can only hear the music. He, the ignorant, I do not know that MP3 is the future of cinema.

Update: Ex Pierantonio my attention, via Facebook, that the news of the Republic is resumed, probably by this article in the Wall Street Journal. Obviously this article is far from cut and, if so, was then the Italian journalist, volendoci not lose much time on, he took a paragraph here, a paragraph, we put a little 'of her, she Miscellaneous and end it all came out this mess of an article.

The cinepanettone wins. That old-fashioned I am.

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Already a few days ago I wrote about the scandal happened in Italy about the delay in output of Avatar, James Cameron's blockbuster, the only late in Italy to avoid competition with "Christmas in Beverly Hills," the cinepanettone signed De Sica.

For my part I believe that despite this odious choice, however, collections of this film were not so great. Who would be willing now to go and watch the movies usually filled with vulgar jokes, tits to the wind and the usual suspects, now coming to the hospice, who drool behind the skirt of tissue shift which could be fathers if not grandparents?

But, apparently, and as reported also, the "strange" I'm in that in the week of Christmas, the first cinepanettone is closely followed by another masterpiece, as usual Pieraccioni.

Raffronto incassi film tra Italia e Usa - Natale 2009

Just look at the comparison between Italian and American podium to ruin your day. But probably, given the box office, are the only one who thinks so.

New Year 2010 in Controguerra. The record

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And this year we made to organize the dinner as well as New Year's Eve ball in Controguerra. After two days of preparation, the place was ready to accommodate the more than duecentrocinquanta appearances planned for this year.

Hall for the dinner

The booking system "unique", managed by the protocol of the town, it was found successful and there were too many messes in the allocation of seats at the tables. To improve the collection of money instead, which this year was organized arrival of people. But since everyone was presented on time at 20.30, this has created a line of people waiting to checkout with consequent discomfort albeit short-lived. Maybe next year is to be managed by collecting advance fees or some other form of management.

The evening will, in addition to dinner, movies for boys, a band to enliven the evening as well as music entertainment since the group is just music seventies and you must also give the guests a bit 'of group dances, rock, pop and Bali from the room.

From gourmet hand a start is very good Italian cold cuts on which we all like crazy slingshot view the abundance of food and pass again by the waiters who then improvised, others are not, except those invited to dinner requisitioned for the event ;)

Just enough time to draw breath for a moment and talk among friends gathered at the event and here come the many excellent cannelloni with tomato sauce. Again, the abundance of food is the host even if there is to say that, unlike last year, in late evening is a lot less stuff thrown outward sign that either we have guessed the number of servings or more people ate more.

Overview of the hall

Pending the other courses, began playing the band and soon I realize that something is wrong. Despite the cleverness of the music they make is, however, more suited to a concert at an event indoors, and especially not exactly lend itself to a masked ball at the end of year where people want to dance and have fun. Just to understand, the genre was the "tramp who I am I ....".

Hoping for a change of pace below I realize though, and I'm not alone, that music is still too strong for the local indoor and also with too much bass. The mayor comes up to me and said: "Emiliano, you can tell the group to lower the volume." I go then from the guy who runs the mixer and I say, 'Sorry, said the mayor if you can lower a bit' volume. " You want to know the answer? "No". I have to comment on this kind of attitude?

Gliss then for a while 'until, stimulated by people who tell me that wants to dance a bit' of ballroom dancing and especially the fact that children have to go see the movie, I ask the group to perform the last song of the first part the evening. Piazzo so a little 'of ballroom dancing to a volume much, much softer and send the kids, over 30, watching the film in the adjacent room.


But the atmosphere does not heat up because they want to dance anywhere, either because my music that felt good in the tests before the event, now has something wrong. E 'virtually no bass and the background I hear a strange echo. Given that my music goes, for amplification, through the planting of the group I try to look at the mixer and other settings but it seems okay.

Meanwhile, the knuckle and lentils is expected in late and thus decides to pass the roast mixed, however, is served without salad, and then shows, in my opinion, too stringy.

They spend a half hour and the group decode to play again but their music disturbs the movie and the sound of children's film disturbs their music and then decide, not without complaint, to suspend for now anyway because People are still too interested in food.

Finally the knuckle with lentils latecomer arrives on our table even though, compared to last year, I found it a bit 'too fat, but maybe it happened to my table the cut worse.

However, we arrive at 20 minutes from midnight, and despite missing only five minutes at the end of the film, the group decided to return to play, forcing the children to crowd around the speakers to hear the ending. Fortunately, the movie ends and ends well for my father's interference with music.

We are almost close to midnight, and without a TV available, let the countdown, I and the mayor on stage with my iPhone which I loaded an ad-hoc software.

But you know, when something takes a bad turn drags then behind it all and also the time that, as you can see below, he had until sunset clouds on the horizon, she is putting her and cause rain, we are forced to remain indoors, celebrating midnight and losing, in part, outside the fire prepared to burn the new year.

Wood for burning the old year and the Moon

Moreover, the group continued with their music, always in my opinion, not really suitable at the moment. I am not an admirer of the group dances but I am convinced that at midnight the people want to make a nice train. Resist up to almost one o'clock when, ill-treated by other friendly, I get on stage and asked the group to play the last song. Finally the evening party and also the train. Pee Pee PE PE PE PE ... ..

But after about twenty minutes, another cold shower. I realize that the group is taking apart the equipment. Who has managed the relationship with the group should specify that the plant was left for later music, but apparently has not happened.

At this point, mainly thanks to the intervention of the saint Ninetto and who knows him knows who I'm talking about, dismantle the plant in ten minutes of film and carry him to the stage by connecting my laptop with music "alternative."

Oddly, from that moment on, the sound of my laptop, which, amplified by the installation of the group came out so shameful, leaving more than acceptable by the installation of film and then can continue the evening well, almost, from .

Obviously the choice of DJ, the undersigned, is not very happy. But I say every year that I do not want to take the music and I am hopelessly involved. Fortunately holy Ninetto puts us back a piece with its own CD full of Latin music and dance groups suitable for the evening and then a bit 'of that and a bit' of my arrival at 3.00 am exhausted but happy.

Arrived at this point there is to say that in fact the evening is not so bad as it seems to describe this account told from the perspective of someone who has organized this event and therefore has seen and suffered every little imperfection.

Maybe the other 99% of those invited these problems has not seen them or they were not considered problematic, but this is my blog and this is my new year and I lived like that.

Sure I also enjoyed the contrary, it's fun to organize and solve problems is even more. Besides my kids have enjoyed it a lot more than last year dancing and laughing until 3.00 and that counts much, much more than all the rest.

Just .... ... Emiliano. Reminders for next year. No to live bands. No to the cinema for children, but much better, like last year, a magician or animation content. But above all we do not "cheat" for the third consecutive year with the speech "music." If someone has to put the music, which you call a someone who can make a craft. Ok? ;)

I still do not resumed by the new year

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V-diana Two days have passed and still I replied. Last night then I also shot overnight Visitors till five and now I'm more fucked up than before.

For these good reasons, even today I feel mental conditions that could describe and comment on Chrismas year end Controguerra.

Tonight if I decide not to shoot the second series of lizards most famous TV, tomorrow maybe I can back on track.

/ me runs